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What should a grandmother do?

Posted June 15, 2013 - 9:19am
My son and daughter in law are staying with us for a few months with their 2 sons. My husband and I are retired and I still fix family meals almost daily. The children will not eat anything I fix for dinner and are very picky about what they eat. Their mother doesn't really cook at all and sometimes the boys will even go without any dinner if they don't like anything. I try to choose meals they might like but I am not going to fix chicken nuggets or take-out every night. Their parents don't seem too concerned about their poor habits so should I ignore this too? I feel they are setting very poor examples for the children and I don't like going along with it. Or should I just keep my mouth shut? What would you do? With school out for the summer now, the children are home most of the time with me and I can't even get them to eat lunch!
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Hi I don't think you should ignore this, keep on cooking meals for your grandchildren. Family meals create bonding time. Perhaps you should ask your grandchildren to come into the kitchen and help you cook? That way they can see the rewards of cooking at home from start to finish. Nutrition is also really important in young, growing kids. Chicken nuggets and take-out will provide nothing for them. If their parents cannot be healthy examples for their children at least their grandparents can!!