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When did your kids stop taking naps?

Posted September 24, 2015 - 9:28pm

At what age did your kids stop taking naps? I recently realized that my four year old hasn't napped in forever but my oldest napped until he was five.

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Each of my kiddos was different. I had a child that napped still at 9--she'd come home after school and nap for an  hour. My other children were around First Grade age.


I swear my 5 yo never napped. Never in her whole life. Never. I may be exagerrating, but not by much. It was a huge battle. Nothing ever worked. My oldest quit napping regularly when she was 3 but would nap on occasion.


Yeah haha, my son never liked naps. I'm guessing it depends on your kid's temperment & energy level.

Frugal Minded M...

I honestly don't remember the ages of my older kids, but my youngest is on and off with them now at 3 1/2.  


Mine were done just about 4 years old. They did take the occasional nap on a weekend day but they were ready to stay awake for the most part.

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My oldest napped until he was nearly 5. My second stopped shortly after his third birthday regularly, but then did on occasion.  


Of course right after I posted this my amost 5 year old fell asleep on the couch.




This one I remember...he was two years old. It's actually hard to imagine that he ever napped.


I totally understand. My non-napper is also never-still. 


Mine is now 12 and still has a lot of energy. Never naps when sick unless he really feels really bad.