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When do you plan to start baby food? Or, when did you?

Posted September 28, 2015 - 7:25pm

For years the advice has been 4 months, but there is shift happening more towards 6 months of age.

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I started all of mine on cereal at 4 months but I don't see anything wrong with delaying it a little bit depending on the child.

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I started my oldest a little after 4 months because I was so excited. I waited until a bit later with the other two.


I waited until 6 or 7 months with both of my girls. They were exclusively breastfed and I saw no reason to start other foods until they took an interest in it. That was a good decision for all of us, especially because I felt like life got harder once I added food! Besides cereal I didn't use baby food. It was so much easier, cheaper, and healthier to smush up food we already had.

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That's awesome, the best way to do it!


It's hard to get parents to understand that, though! They often get defensive and feel judged when you share info like that.


I only breastfed until 6 months and then they started on small solids. I believed it was best for their immune system.

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It is, they can't properly absorb the food until 6 months.

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My first two started on  cereal at 4 months, but the other kids all started at 6 month.


I started after 4 months. 


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