Emotionally preparing to bring baby home

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Emotionally preparing to bring baby home

It's very difficult to know how to prepare emotionally for the first weeks when the baby comes home. The truth is it's like asking somebody what does an artichoke taste like when you have never had artichokes. You have no idea what's going to happen. So the first thing that you have to do is trust, just trust that you're going to be okay. We wouldn't be six billion people if you weren't okay. Then one of the things that I tell my clients is get menus from all over the city of the kind of restaurants that you like the most and when the friends call you and they say, "Can I do anything for you?" And you usually say, "No, thank you." No, just say, "You know, we just ordered diner and go and pick it up." And they can choose to pay for it or not. Make sure that you have somebody that does some chores for you. Ask for help, if you don't have your relatives, get a postpartum doula. If you have friends that ask you, "Can we help you?" Say yes and just write a list: "The dog has to be walked, my plants have to be watered…" Just learn to find your voice and ask for help.

Learn about: Emotionally preparing to bring baby home from Giuditta Tornetta,...


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Giuditta Tornetta


Giuditta Tornetta is a certified birth and post-partum doula, lactation educator, a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner, and a certified shiatsu therapist. Giuditta practices clinical hypnotherapy and a method of natural childbirth that uses hypnotic techniques to reduce stress and fear during labor and delivery, alleviating pain and making the birth experience positive and enjoyable. She also teaches infant mental, emotional, and cognitive health and development.

She focuses on infant mental health and pre-post birth bonding, where she uses guided meditations and visualizations to help women communicate and empower their babies before birth. As a lactation educator and postpartum doula, Ms. Tornetta helps couples settle into a natural routine once the baby comes home. Through education, compassion, practical as wells as emotional support, Doula Giuditta teaches new parents how to decipher the newborn’s vocal and body language. Giuditta is also a published author of the best-selling book Painless Childbirth: An Empowering Journey Through Pregnancy and Birth.

She resides in Los Angeles with her two dogs –Tony and Amore — amid photo albums of the many new mommies and babies she’s coached through life’s most precious and powerful transitions, including her own two experiences with son Azzurro and daughter Natascia.

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