DIY projects with preschoolers

See Laura Dahl's video on DIY projects with preschoolers...
DIY projects with preschoolers | Kids in the House
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DIY projects with preschoolers

The great thing about preschoolers is that they're starting to learn to use their hands. And they're able to do so many more things than even a toddler can. So this is a great time to show them how to hammer in a nail, or how to use a screwdriver, how to even install a light bulb or change a battery in their own flashlight. All these things we take for granted sometimes and skills, we don't realize that our kids won't learn unless we teach them how to do that. You can take it even further and make forts inside. You can make seesaws outside. There are so many amazing things. And again, if you're looking for inspiration, Built By Kids has a lot there to encourage you. We just want our children to be creative and be skilled.

See Laura Dahl's video on DIY projects with preschoolers...


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Laura Dahl

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Laura Dahl is a fashion designer and creative director of two brands, Laura Dahl and Wifebeader and the co-founder and editor of the lifestyle website Built by Kids, where she teaches families, caregivers and children “The ABC’s of DIY”.  She thrives in the midst of chaos and feeds off the energy around her, but she always finds balance perched on top of a horse or in a solid Downward Facing Dog position.  She loves hats, a good dance party, and vintage cars. She finds inspiration in people and their cultures and is always eager to hop on a plane. A proud Sin City native, Laura grew up in the ballet studio and is related to Vegas Vick. Halloween is a big holiday in her family and she has plenty of wigs to prove it.

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