Treating kids as people

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Treating kids as people

The turning point with me that completely changed my relationship with my children and how I see them is just realizing that they are actual people. It sounds really obvious, but I think our culture treats children like they are little dolls. We dress them up. We think they are cute. We look at all the little things they do, but we don't always pay attention to how human they are, how much they learn and how much they are capable of. When I started viewing my children as people, I was able to treat them in a completely different way that completely transformed our relationship.

View Suchada Eickemeyer's video on Treating kids as people...


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Suchada Eickemeyer

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Suchada Eickemeyer is a writer who blogs about natural parenting at She has two toddler boys who are exuberant and hilarious. Her favorite thing to do with them is cuddle in bed on Saturday mornings. When she gets free time she runs, spends time with friends, and cuts loose.

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