Considerations when installing the forward facing car seat

See Jennifer Beall, MBA, CPST's video on Considerations when installing the forward facing car seat...
Considerations when installing the forward facing car seat | Kids in the House
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Considerations when installing the forward facing car seat

As you are starting to think about switching yor child from rear facing to forward facing in their convertible car seat it's really important that you make sure you are using the proper belt path in the car seat. Many car seats have multiple belt paths where you want to run the seat belt or the luges through depending on whether it's rear of forward facing. Typically on the rear facing seat it's going to be near the child's feet. However, when it's a forward facing it's going to be behind their back for the most part. So make sure that you are running the straps for the luges or the seatbelt through the proper belt path. The second thing to consider is the top tedder. Most rear facing car seats do not use the top tedder. It's typically right behind the head of the child in a little baggy. You can unroll the top tedder and then hook it over the back of the vehicle seat to a little luge. Every vehicle since 2000 has a hook for the top tedder, you can read your vehicle instruction manual to find out the locations in your car for those. But it's really important in the installation of the forward facing seat so in an accident that head doesn't fly forward and it's firmly secured behind the child. Another thing to consider when youare switching the car seat from rear facing to foreward facing is the recline angle of the seat. A lot of car seats when installed in the rear facing position are reclined so the child's head is not going to fly forward in the event of an accident or just because they don't have helpful head control yet. However, once it's forward facing you want to make sure that the car seat is upright. You can always follow the instructions that are on the stickers on the car seat to understand the best position for the car seat.

See Jennifer Beall, MBA, CPST's video on Considerations when installing the forward facing car seat...


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Jennifer Beall is the Founder and CEO of Tot Squad formerly known as CleanBeeBaby, an eco-friendly cleaning service for strollers and car seats that is at a different neighborhood retailer or preschool every day. Professional safety technicians help properly reinstall car seats after they are cleaned.Certified as a Child Passenger Safety Technician since 2009, Jen is passionate about helping parents properly use their car seats given that 85% are incorrectly installed. She also serves on the Los Angeles committee for Baby Buggy, a charity that helps collect used baby gear to redistribute it to families in need.Jen received her MBA in 2010 from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University where she focused on Marketing and Entrepreneurship. CleanBeeBaby was created through her coursework, for which she won first place in the Kellogg Cup Business Plan Competition and the Student of the Year award in Entrepreneurship. Prior to business school, she worked in management consulting as well as internal strategy for a food and beverage company. She also received a BS in Mathematics from Duke University after leaving her hometown of Austin, Texas.Jen now lives in Los Angeles but remains a loyal fan of the Texas Longhorns and the Duke basketball team. She enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling. She has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Daily Candy, and Crain's Chicago Business.

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