Coping with an autism diagnosis

Watch Val Fein's video on Coping with an autism diagnosis...
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Coping with an autism diagnosis

So I would say to a parent who has a child who just got diagnosed with autism – take a deep breath. I understand you’re really scared. I’ve been through it. I was really scared. But we know so much more now about autism and what to do about it that the hope is… the sky is really the limit with that. So there’s so much you can do when you have a diagnosis with autism. My own child’s diagnosis was severe to moderate and it really feels devastating. But now, after her intervention, she is indistinguishable and it’s not hard… it’s hard, but it’s not impossible to reach what they call recovery or indistinguishability. You can get there. So it is not at all as devastating as it feels. You’ve got to get educated. You have to be on top of it. You have to be the director of your child’s intervention. If you do that, you can go practically anywhere that you want to go.

Watch Val Fein's video on Coping with an autism diagnosis...


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Val Fein

Mom of Autistic Child

Val Fein is an autism intervention specialist in private practice, a psychology PhD candidate working on her dissertation research, and the mother of a child whose diagnosis moved from autism: severe/moderate to autism: recovered/indistinguishable, after intensive early intervention.

Val is currently conducting research for her doctoral dissertation. She is investigating how expert autism-intervention practitioners describe the process of successfully establishing moments of intersubjective engagement during their early intervention sessions with children who have autism.

Val designs and oversees individualized comprehensive autism intervention programs. She teaches parents, educators, therapists, and paraprofessionals how to target recovery from autism for the children they love. She works extremely closely with each family, partnering with parents to create and maintain programs that aim to maximize joy for their child. She specializes in the moment-to-moment mechanics of effective and meaningful intervention.

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