CHARGE syndrome surgeries

Watch Catherine Lacey Dodd's video on CHARGE syndrome surgeries...
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CHARGE syndrome surgeries

CHARGE Syndrome is one of the most medically challenging syndromes that are known. And as a result my son has endured 17 surgeries, and he's 4 years old. There are a number of syndromes that are medically similar to CHARGE so it's often difficult to get that diagnosis right at the start. But pretty universally the children require open heart surgery to fix holes in their heart and a feeding tube to address the issue of a swallowing dysfunction, which presents itself at birth.

Watch Catherine Lacey Dodd's video on CHARGE syndrome surgeries...


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Catherine Lacey Dodd

Mom & Photographer

British born and living in Los Angeles, Catherine Lacey Dodd is the mother to Reuben Jack, age five, and Callum Andreas, age four. She’s a work at home mama, owner/photographer at Catherine Lacey Photography and creative writer. Reuben, whose name means, "behold a beloved son", has CHARGE syndrome. He has undergone 18 surgeries including two open heart and countless hospitalizations. Callum is his much longed for brother and his best friend. She created the blog, ReubenJackDodd, which tells her family’s journey through thought-provoking words juxtaposed with eye catching imagery and the sweet faces of her two little loves. 

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