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Special needs communities

The way to come to terms with a child who has serious birth defects or challenges. Initially, you would want to hold everything in and feel that grief yourself and actually become quite insular. The most cathartic experience and the best way of dealing with it is to actually reach out and, for every challenge, there are other families; especially in our global age, who you can reach out to. Blogging or Yahoo, et cetera. The world is your oyster. There are so many families that want to help. In the special needs community, we need to pay it forward. We've been helped and we need to help others in the special needs community.

Learn about: Special needs communities from Catherine Lacey Dodd,...


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Catherine Lacey Dodd

Mom & Photographer

British born and living in Los Angeles, Catherine Lacey Dodd is the mother to Reuben Jack, age five, and Callum Andreas, age four. She’s a work at home mama, owner/photographer at Catherine Lacey Photography and creative writer. Reuben, whose name means, "behold a beloved son", has CHARGE syndrome. He has undergone 18 surgeries including two open heart and countless hospitalizations. Callum is his much longed for brother and his best friend. She created the blog, ReubenJackDodd, which tells her family’s journey through thought-provoking words juxtaposed with eye catching imagery and the sweet faces of her two little loves. 

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