Dealing with the school about bullying

Learn about: Dealing with the school about bullying from Alexandra Penn,...
Dealing with the school about bullying | Kids in the House
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Dealing with the school about bullying

Many times schools don’t want to admit that they have a bullying problem. And for many parents and for many kids, it really is difficult. Children come to school and they are really sad, because learning is impaired when children are scared. Children cannot learn when they’re being bullied, because all the learning goes up at the front of the classroom and if kids are constantly looking behind them, they’re not learning. The thing is – what parents need to do is go through the right channels. So we want to talk to the teacher, we want to talk to the principal and this kind of thing. But if that isn’t making any progress and helping the child, then what we like to advise is that we get law involved. That either we go to the police – if the child is being bullied, or we seek legal help, because, after all, no parent wants to send their child to school every day who’s being hurt in some way.

Learn about: Dealing with the school about bullying from Alexandra Penn,...


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Alexandra Penn

Champions Against Bullying

Alexandra Penn, founder of Champions Against Bullying and author of the award winning Disney Parent-to-Parent, Ministry of Education recommended CD-ROM, The No-Nonsense Guide To Kids’ Bullying Solutions, is a leading expert on School Bullying/Youth Violence. Her workshops for kids, parents and educators are loaded with Preventive Strategies, Intervention Techniques and Immediate Practical solutions. Alexandra is an Internationally Certified Trainer in Youth Violence Prevention, a Crisis Intervention Specialist, a Parent Coach, an accomplished writer and editor, a dynamic workshop leader, keynote speaker, mother of two and founding member of the Coalition for Bullying Awareness and Prevention in Canada. A former counselor in Special Ed at the Board of Education, Alexandra's breakthrough with an autistic child initiated a video used as a teaching tool at the world-renowned Clarke Institute of Psychiatry.

Alexandra maintains, “children’s mental health is directly linked to their academic success and removing the obstacles that impede learning, such as fear, are crucial. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders – our leaders. It’s up to all of us to decide how we want them to evolve. Kids need our help. They can’t fix it themselves. Let’s make it happen!”

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