Dealing with a bully

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Dealing with a bully

What can you do about your kid getting bullied? Well,, bullying has been around since the dawn of man, and we actually understand a lot about why kids bully, but that doesn't matter. You're kid's scared, and your kid's right. And there are a lot of kinds of bullies out there. Your kid could be beaten up for their lunch money. Some bullies yell insults across the playground. Some bullies very subtly manipulate people and make them feel bad. That's usually what you see with this whole phenomenon about cyber bullying where things are traded on the internet. The big trick with bullying is to remember and put into your kids one very important lesson--you have a right to be here. You have a right to exist. You have a right to play on that playground. You have a right to be who you are and what you are. And as long as you believe that, you might still get beaten up, but you can't really be bullied.

View Douglas Green, MFT's video on Dealing with a bully...


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Douglas Green, MFT

Child Therapist

Douglas Green left a successful career as a writer and director of film, stage and television to become a Psychotherapist, specializing in helping children and teenagers live lives they can be proud of.  He has a degree in Drama Therapy, and uses creative active techniques often in his work.  He has extensive experience in working with numerous childhood issues, such as ADHD, autism, Asperger's, depression, anxiety, and recovery from physical, sexual, and emotional Abuse.  He works at two offices, one in Woodland Hills, CA and one in West Los Angeles, CA, and is an Adjunct Professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

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