Well-rounded vs. a specialized student

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Well-rounded vs. a specialized student

So one of the most popular questions is, "Is it better to be well-rounded or really good in one thing?" Well a lot of times we can't control what our kids are good at. My general advice is, if your child likes a lot things, he should pursue those things, see what really interests him. A 16 or 17 year old shouldn't have to know exactly what he or she is going to do, in fact, most don't and that's okay. So as a personal example, when I was a senior, I was vastly littering into sports, I was senior class president, I started a mock trial team. I wanted to try different things and that's totally fine in an application. But if you've got a student who has a demonstrated interest or talent in one area - For example, I had a student who is really an exceptional musician, and about junior year he had to make a choice, "Do I have go all in in the music and really try go after the conservatory or do I try to round up my application? He chose to go after the music because that's what he wanted to do. So it's really about what a student's interests are, don't worry so much about how a college looks at you; simply, if you have an interest, go after it and do more of it. If you have an interest and you try something and you don't like it, okay, move another direction. Whether you're really good in one thing or you love a bunch of activities, do what your passion is and everything will work out.
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Watch Video: Well-rounded vs. a specialized student by Danny Ruderman, ...


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Danny Ruderman

Independent College Counselor

Danny Ruderman is a nationally recognized college counselor whose mission is to help as many families as possible navigate the admissions process.  

The Fontana High School and Stanford grad is the author of The Ultimate College Acceptance System and creator of college counseling programs used by school districts across the U.S. and Fortune 500 companies. He is known for his huge forehead and helping students get into schools that really match their interests. His newest book, Top 100 Answers to Your College Admissions Questions will be released in March 2013.

Danny graduated with Honors from Stanford University and holds a BA in Human Biology with an emphasis in Education. He was named a Merit Teacher for his work at Campbell Hall School in Los Angeles and worked as an educational therapist for K&M Associates in Los Angeles. He is also a member of the Western Association of College Admissions Counselors (WACAC). He has been featured on NPR’s Marketplace, Fox News, The Los Angeles Times, Between the Lines on PBS, College Bound Magazine, The Bill Handel Show, and Powernomics. Danny is also a regular contributor to Money 101 on KFWB in Los Angeles.

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