Homeschooling advantages & disadvantages

Learn about: Homeschooling advantages & disadvantages from Natalie Hawkins,...
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Homeschooling advantages & disadvantages

I think one of the biggest advantages of homeschooling is that you get to pull your child out of the traditional setting, and you get to allow them to experience life as it's happening instead of reading about it in a book. And that's something that I really think is just a beautiful way to share, you know, the world with your child because Gabrielle got to travel to Japan. And, you know, I have friends whose children were reading about Japan in a book and there she was in the midst of it. You know, they were reading about Venice, and my daughter was riding on the Gondola in Venice. And so, I think it's a wonderful--it actually affords children a wonderful way to experience the community and the world around them. I definitely think that homeschooling, if you don't do it the right way, can set the child back socially. I really wished that I would've participated more in homeschooling groups because there a lot of homeschool groups, and you'd have to find one in your area, but they get together with kids and then they get to socialize outside of their sport, And I really wish I had done more of that, but I was a single parent and I didn't have the resources at the time to be able to do that because I was working sometimes. So, I really would say though, if you have an opportunity to get involved with other homeschool groups, that's a huge, a huge thing to do.

Learn about: Homeschooling advantages & disadvantages from Natalie Hawkins,...


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Natalie Hawkins

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Natalie Hawkins is the mother of Gabrielle Douglas, 2012 Olympic All-Around Gold Medalist.  Virginia Beach native and single mother of 4, Hawkins faced many struggles putting Gabrielle through Olympic training, giving up everything she had to see her daughter succeed.  Hawkins allowed her daughter to leave their Virginia Beach home and close family bonds to pursue her dreams, train with Chow's Gymnastics in Iowa, and become the Olympian she is today.  Hawkins has since been honored in the P&G “Thank You Moms” campaign. 

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