How philanthropy can help child prostitutes

Lois Lee, PhD, Founder & President of Children of the Night, explains how you can help rescue child prostitutes through philanthropy
How To Help Child Prostitutes Through Philanthropy
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How philanthropy can help child prostitutes

Children of the Night is supported strictly by private donations. No donation is too large or too small. We have people who send us $15 a month. We have people who send us money out of their social security checks. We have people who give us larger gifts, and we recognize anyone who gives us $1000 or more each year through our Johnny Carson Heroes of the Heart brochure, which was his legacy when he gave us over a million dollars and continues to give us money through a foundation that he left in place to recognize the major donors who give to children of the night. Our children can’t be plastered on billboards. They’re not cute and they’re not cuddly. But they need your help. They’ve come from horrific circumstances. The people who help Children of the Night have nothing in common except that they’ve come together to help me rescue this forgotten group of children. I need people to help me in any way they can. Volunteering is great, but you can’t just take anyone and put them in contact with these children who have severe problems. So there’s a process for volunteering. We prefer that people donate through our website. We prefer that people find ways that they can go out and do public speaking for us to bring the issue to the public. In terms of what really needs to be done, we’re trying to fight the silly notion that your child laying safe in their bed while you’re watching television with your spouse is kidnapped by the boogeyman. That’s not who these children are. We need to recognize that these children could be saved just days after they were born if they were rescued from the hospitals, the crack houses, the methamphetamine labs that they’re raised in. We need a concerted effort in which we demand a better standard of care for all of our children who are living in out of home placement. Help support Children of the Night and help us do this work.

Lois Lee, PhD, Founder & President of Children of the Night, explains how you can help rescue child prostitutes through philanthropy


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Lois Lee, PhD, JD

Founder & President Children of the Night

Dr. Lois Lee is a pioneer and trailblazer in rescuing America’s sex trafficked children right here in the United States.  She is the founder and president of Children of the Night and has rescued over 10,000 children from prostitution—that is more children than all of the other sex trafficking organizations combined. Since 1979 she has raised more than $40 million in private donations to support her groundbreaking programs. Diplomats come from all over the world to observe Lee's ground-breaking work at the Children of the Night home. Dr. Lee has received countless awards for her humanitarian work, most notably the prestigious President's Volunteer Action Award, presented to her by President Ronald Reagan at the White House in 1984, and permanent memorial portrait at the Frederick Douglas Museum honors her 1994 National Caring Award. Her life story was portrayed in a CBS Movie of the Week “Children of the Night” in 1985 and she was profiled on CBS “60 Minutes” in 1987. Dr. Lee was lauded by singer/songwriter Richard Marx in his song "Children of the Night," which appeared on his 1989 Repeat Offender album.

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