The healing process after child prostitution

Lois Lee, PhD, Founder & President of Children of the Night, explains the healing process for children after they have been rescued from prostitution
The Healing Process For Children After Prostitution
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The healing process after child prostitution

Rescuing children from prostitution is just part of the job. They require comprehensive case management. Remember they come from homes that are chaotic and their needs were not met when they were little children. So, sometimes your first move is to obtain immunizations from the county health department. A pap smear, a physical, check for STD's, a tuberculosis test, eye exams, dental exams, X-rays, pregnancy test - just talking about the very very basics. They need to be academically assessed. We're required to pull together all of the transcripts or whatever a little bit of schooling they've had - whether they've been in mental hospitals or juvenile detention facilities or even a public school one time. To do an academic assessment to see where they are at great level and to provide an educational setting where they can work at a multigrade level. 7th grade English maybe, 6th grade Math. They need to be tutored one on one. They need to have counseling - long term counseling. Many need to have full psychiatric evaluations. Some need to be put on special medications to deal with the trauma and then the medications need to be decreased. So, you need a psychiatrist for medication management. Some need full educational assessments. Some have learning disabilities and need to have an advocate for an individual educational plan. They need to have recreation. They need to have their hair done. They need to have hygiene items. They need to have a sports program. They need the opportunity to go to church if they want to. They need to belong to a family. They need to be taught hobbies. They need to be entertained. They need to have access to other things that children their age have. They need to be taught how to be a child sometimes for the first time in their life.

Lois Lee, PhD, Founder & President of Children of the Night, explains the healing process for children after they have been rescued from prostitution


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Lois Lee, PhD, JD

Founder & President Children of the Night

Dr. Lois Lee is a pioneer and trailblazer in rescuing America’s sex trafficked children right here in the United States.  She is the founder and president of Children of the Night and has rescued over 10,000 children from prostitution—that is more children than all of the other sex trafficking organizations combined. Since 1979 she has raised more than $40 million in private donations to support her groundbreaking programs. Diplomats come from all over the world to observe Lee's ground-breaking work at the Children of the Night home. Dr. Lee has received countless awards for her humanitarian work, most notably the prestigious President's Volunteer Action Award, presented to her by President Ronald Reagan at the White House in 1984, and permanent memorial portrait at the Frederick Douglas Museum honors her 1994 National Caring Award. Her life story was portrayed in a CBS Movie of the Week “Children of the Night” in 1985 and she was profiled on CBS “60 Minutes” in 1987. Dr. Lee was lauded by singer/songwriter Richard Marx in his song "Children of the Night," which appeared on his 1989 Repeat Offender album.

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