Teenager's first date

Learn about: Teenager's first date from Douglas Green, MFT,...
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Teenager's first date

What should you tell a child before their first date? There are really two parts to this answer. The first is what you should have expressed to the child before that first date. You want the kid to have a very good sense of their self-worth, their boundaries, respect for others, and a moral code. Now, if you step back and take a look at your kid, see what you have. Are they good? Do they respect others? If so, you are doing okay. Now, as far as tonight, take that kid out for lunch or something. Get some time alone. Tell them how proud you are of everything they have accomplished in their life so far. Ask them if there is anything they need to know from you. Tell them a couple of rules. Not too many. Maybe, tell them what time you would like for them to be home. Maybe tell them that they can call you anytime, and they should call you if anything goes wrong, and they feel uncomfortable. If you can, slip them a couple of extra bucks, so they have a good time. Let them know that, this is going to be fun. This should be fun. This is something new in their lives. They are probably pretty scared about it already. The more connected to you they feel, the better it's going to be.
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Learn about: Teenager's first date from Douglas Green, MFT,...


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Douglas Green, MFT

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Douglas Green left a successful career as a writer and director of film, stage and television to become a Psychotherapist, specializing in helping children and teenagers live lives they can be proud of.  He has a degree in Drama Therapy, and uses creative active techniques often in his work.  He has extensive experience in working with numerous childhood issues, such as ADHD, autism, Asperger's, depression, anxiety, and recovery from physical, sexual, and emotional Abuse.  He works at two offices, one in Woodland Hills, CA and one in West Los Angeles, CA, and is an Adjunct Professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

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