Risky behaviors in girls vs. boys

Watch Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed's video on Risky behaviors in girls vs. boys...
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Risky behaviors in girls vs. boys

Stephen Wallace: In prevention, we’ve always known that boy risk behavior outpaces girl risk behavior. In other words, boys are more likely to be drinking more likely to be drinking heavily, more likely to be using drugs, more likely to engage in violence, and more likely to be successful in committing suicide. But what we’ve seen over the last 4, 5, 6 years, our trend logs is showing that girls are gaining ground. And in my most recent research, I've actually have found that in some areas, girls are now outpacing the boys and setting the pace for boys. With regard to drinking and drug use for example. There’s lots of reasons for that, or a lot of hypotheses for that and those include the fact that we’re treating girls more like boys and boys more like girls in an attempt to level the playing field. I talk about that in my book. There’s also a sense that the alcohol industry, for example, is marketing more heavily towards girls. Creating flavored drinks and things that appeal more to girls than to boys. And this might be leading to heavier rates of alcohol use among girls.

Watch Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed's video on Risky behaviors in girls vs. boys...


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Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed

School Psychologist & Author

Stephen Gray Wallace, M.S. Ed., is president and director of the Center for Adolescent Research and Education (CARE), a national collaborative of institutions and organizations committed to increasing favorable youth outcomes and reducing risk. He is a consultant to summer camps on staff training and teen leadership programming and has broad experience as a school psychologist and adolescent/family counselor. Stephen is a member of the professional development faculty at the American Academy of Family Physicians and American Camp Association and a parenting expert at kidsinthehouse.com, NBC News Learn and WebMD. He is also an expert partner at RANE (Risk Assistance Network & Exchange) and was national chairman and chief executive officer at SADD for more than 15 years. Additional information about Stephen’s work can be found at StephenGrayWallace.com.

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