The dangers of webcams

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The dangers of webcams

Webcams are particularly problematic with sex offenders online. There are a variety of reasons for that. There are a million websites out on the internet, where you can chat and become, sort of, intimate with a child and have very little risk. Gone are the days where you have to jump into a fence into a schoolyard to becoming acquainted with a child. It's as easy as clicking on an icon on a screen and have a child there to chat with. From a child's point of view, it seems very innocuous with it. First off, they've grown up with it. The don't know a day in their lives when they didn't have a camera or a webcam on their internet connection. The second thing is that they are lulled by a sense of security in that, they are sitting in their house. The webcam is in their house, their room, or on their phone. They are so accustomed to using the webcam, that it seems second nature to them. The idea that someone would exploit what the do on that webcam is alien to them. They get a false sense of security and do things they, otherwise, wouldn't.

Watch Randall Devine's video on The dangers of webcams...


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Randall Devine is a Special Agent with the FBI working in the Los Angeles area. 

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