Preparing our children for the future

See Jane M. Healy, PhD's video on Preparing our children for the future...
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Preparing our children for the future

It seems paradoxical that in this rapidly changing electronic world we live in that one of the best ways to help your child prepare for the future is to limit the electronic usage in their life. After all, they are going to change and become obsolete by the time your child is in high school. Perhaps what you need to do is to think more seriously about the firm foundations in the human brain that are formed by plenty of interactive play, hands-on play, interaction with other human beings, and learning to manage self-control of ones own brain. Playing with electronics is really not the best way to do this. Your child needs firm grounding in hands-on skills and human interaction that will give them the thinking skills and the higher level reasoning skills that they will need to master whatever technology that comes around in the future. The good brain is able to handle change, and if we limit our children to today's technologies, we are really putting them at a disadvantage.

See Jane M. Healy, PhD's video on Preparing our children for the future...


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Jane M. Healy, PhD

Educational Psychologist

Jane Healy is a teacher and educational psychologist who has worked with all ages from pre-school to graduate school.  Her major research interest has been in finding practical applications of current brain research for teachers and parents.  A graduate of Smith College, she holds a MA from John Carroll University, a PhD from Case Western Reserve University, and post-doctoral work in developmental neuropsychology.  She has served on the faculty of Cleveland State University. Her many years of experience include: parent, classroom teacher, reading/learning specialist, elementary administrator, and clinician.  She is recognized internationally as an author, lecturer, and consultant. She has received international media coverage, including Nightline, Good Morning America, the Today Show, CNN and NPR, for her ideas about the impact of technology, media and culture on children's brain development and learning.

Although Jane has received many honors, including being twice named the "Educator of the Year" by Delta Kappa Gamma, she claims that she and her husband have learned most of what they know from the process of raising three sons (and now their six grandchildren).

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