Types of disabilities

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Types of disabilities

Every child has a different brain. Some brains make certain kinds of learning more difficult than others. If there is too much difficulty, this may become what we call a learning disability or a learning problem. Generally speaking, learning problems break out into several different categories. There are the ones the rely on sensory motor difficulties, where the child might have trouble coordinating his or her body, or connecting appropriately to sensory stimulation. The language based disorders, perhaps, reading problems, sometimes these show up as mathematical difficulties. Writing problems. Difficulty expressing oneself or difficulties getting ideas down on to paper. Then there's a whole other set of issues which might have to do with behavioral issues, such as, Attention Deficit, or social emotional problems, such as being on the autism spectrum, Asperger's or kids who just have difficulty relating appropriately to other people. This is why it is so important, if your child is showing difficulty or some unhappiness in school, to try to get to the root of the problem. There are terrific therapies available for just about everything that might happen. You want to give your child the chance to use the unique qualities of his or her brain, to the best of their ability.

Watch Jane M. Healy, PhD's video on Types of disabilities...


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Jane M. Healy, PhD

Educational Psychologist

Jane Healy is a teacher and educational psychologist who has worked with all ages from pre-school to graduate school.  Her major research interest has been in finding practical applications of current brain research for teachers and parents.  A graduate of Smith College, she holds a MA from John Carroll University, a PhD from Case Western Reserve University, and post-doctoral work in developmental neuropsychology.  She has served on the faculty of Cleveland State University. Her many years of experience include: parent, classroom teacher, reading/learning specialist, elementary administrator, and clinician.  She is recognized internationally as an author, lecturer, and consultant. She has received international media coverage, including Nightline, Good Morning America, the Today Show, CNN and NPR, for her ideas about the impact of technology, media and culture on children's brain development and learning.

Although Jane has received many honors, including being twice named the "Educator of the Year" by Delta Kappa Gamma, she claims that she and her husband have learned most of what they know from the process of raising three sons (and now their six grandchildren).

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