Unwinding without electronics

Learn about: Unwinding without electronics from Susan Stiffelman, MFT,...
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Unwinding without electronics

Our culture is pervasive with electronics. It's very important for us to teach our children how to unwind without them, otherwise, we run the risk of them becoming almost as addicted to them as a drug to bring them back to a point of relaxation. We also need to be aware of what we are modeling because our kids see us unwinding by emailing, watching TV, or playing a game on our iPad, we are being hypocritical. Kids are overstimulated. They are not designed to take the onslaught of stimulation and information and contact. It's just too much for the human brain, let alone a child's developing brain. It's very important that families build into their day when things are quiet, it calms the nervous system down and brings everyone back into a state of equilibrium and equanimity. It's not as easy as it once was. In fact, I think it takes a lot of effort to take a stand for that, but children will benefit when you do.

Learn about: Unwinding without electronics from Susan Stiffelman, MFT,...


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Susan Stiffelman is the author of Parenting Without Power Struggles: Raising Joyful, Resilient Kids While Staying Cool, Calm and Connected and the weekly parenting advice columnist at the Huffington Post. You can sign up for Susan's free parenting newsletter. 

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