Baby proofing during pregnancy

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Baby proofing during pregnancy

I have more parents come to me panicking because their baby is movin' and groovin' all over the house. So my advice to new parents or grandparents or caretakers is start the process of baby proofing during pregnancy. Get ahead of the curve and begin the planning and the budgeting. There's two reasons why that's important. Number one, baby proofing is an education process. And there's a lot to learn, and it can be quite overwhelming for new grandparents or new parents. Number two, it can also be expensive, and no new couple likes to be blindsided by some big expense that they hadn't budgeted for. And then three, the implementation of the child safety devices, the gates, the locks, and the latches; it takes some time. So I would say start early and get ahead of the curve.
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Learn about: Baby proofing during pregnancy from Kimberlee Mitchell,...


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Kimberlee Mitchell

Child Safety Expert

Kimberlee's callling is to be a wife and momma to two amazing kids. As a national child safety expert, in the unintentional child injury prevention industry, her mission is to educate parents as to how they can arm themselves with critical informaiton and the best practices to keep their children safe from needless serious injury. She hopes to help curb injury and death due to parents overlooking both common and hidden child safety hazzards in the home, yard, and car. The best protection is prevention....get ahead of the curve and childproof during pregnancy!

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