Electrical hazards and young kids

Learn about: Electrical hazards and young kids from Kimberlee Mitchell,...
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Electrical hazards and young kids

Every home has a host of electrical hazards and in today’s day and age where mommy and daddy, and the teen kids and sometimes even the elementary schoolers I’ve heard have their own cell phones, it’s important to make sure that all of those electronic devices are charged in a separate area – an area where the baby has zero access, because those chords are dangerous for a multitude of reasons – strangulation hazards, and also, they can chew on them, some babies do chew, and it presents an electrical hazard and a potential danger. Every home has outlets and you need to make sure that these outlets are childproof in either one of two ways: Number one – use the push plugs. These are little plastic devices that you push into each of the plugs and it disallows your child access. You have to make sure, however, that if you do choose to use these that they are in there tight. That really, the only way to remove them, is to grab a flathead screwdriver and pull it out. So it needs to be very, very snug fitting. And in older homes sometimes, they just come in and out, slide in and out very easily. The second way to childproof an outlet would be with sliding outlet covers and that’s my first recommendation. It’s a little more expensive than the first option, but it’s truly the safest. And how you do that? You remove the existing outlet faceplate, then you replace that faceplate with a new sliding outlet cover, screw it in, and with this really cool safety mechanism that it has –spring-loaded – your child has zero access to that outlet. There are also power strip covers that you can use. And the way to use that is plug the power strip into a child proofed outlet, then plug all of your different devices into that strip and cover the strip with a power strip cover, so your child has zero access to those plugs.

Learn about: Electrical hazards and young kids from Kimberlee Mitchell,...


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