Childcare for disabled children

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Childcare for disabled children

When I was looking for assistance, whether it was a nanny, an au pair, or just a caregiver to come into our home and help my wife and I with the caring for our daughter within our home, we went about it the same way - almost the same way - that we did with our younger daughter. You want to find a person obviously that's responsible. You want to find a person that relates well. There are agencies in our community that deal specifically with disabled kids. There are agencies that take state funding also very important, because the strain financially in a family - you're going to have to take this into account. Invariably, my wife and I, we would always find and rely upon the person who related well, who understood the safety precautions. But the person who made us and our daughters feel comfortable, just like you would with any other kid.

View Nick Kokotakis's video on Childcare for disabled children...


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Nick Kokotakis


Nick Kokotakis is a native New Yorker living in Los Angeles. He has two daughters age 9 ½ and 21, one of whom is disabled. An actor and photographer, Nick also enjoys hockey and kickboxing – but he swears he’s not a violent person! 

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