Toddler hair pulling

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Toddler hair pulling

Another condition in children is trichotillomania, which is a mouthful to say the least. What it means is that children, usually while they are asleep, will pull out little bits of their hair. Often, parents don't see this, but they are disturbed by the patches of baldness on their child's head. We see it in two types of age groups. The first age group we see it in is usually with smaller children in the second half of the first year of life, or toddlerhood. In many cases, it could be just a habit, as many other behavioral issues are and we can reassure the family. In other cases, it is a sign of stress or emotional distress in the child. We also see it in older children, teenagers, in particularly in girls, where under some sort of anxiety conditions, they will do exactly the same thing. There is no specific treatment for pulling the hair out, per se, but obviously, if there is an anxiety disorder or some stressor in the family, we take a closer look at that.
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Watch Video: Toddler hair pulling by James Varga, MD, ...


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James Varga began to practice medicine in 1977 after graduating from Bucknell University and New York Medical College with honors. James completed post doctoral studies in Child Development at UCLA. His wife Olga and he have two great daughters, Jenna and Maya.

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