Hidden hazards for babies and small children

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Hidden hazards for babies and small children

Some safety hazards that parents don’t think about but children seem to just beeline toward are hidden hazards like crawl spaces. Front load washer and dryer – they’re accessible, they’re down in your child’s reach. Your child can climb in and there can be some very fatal consequences. So make sure you lock up your front load washer and dryer. Another crawl space that is dangerous and a potential hazard in your home is a toy chest, a hope chest, somewhere where your child can crawl in and it’s airtight and they’re not able to get out. Refrigerators can pose the exact same hazard. Another hidden hazard in the home are doggy doors and dog food or pet food. The doggy doors are low and your child can crawl right in front of it and that dog can come flying in and knock your child down. A child can also escape out of the doggy door and you don’t know where you child is. So it’s important to make sure that those doggy doors are closed when your child is crawling around. The dog food is also – or the cat food, or any pet food – is a choking hazard, so it’s important to move that up and out of the way when your child is up from nap and crawling around. An additional safety hazard in the home are doorstops. You can find the doorstops behind the door, near the baseboard, you can also find them on the different hinges of the door. And on the stops are tiny, little rubber caps that can be pulled off and ingested or choked on. So my recommendation would be to remove those caps or on the doorstops that are on the hinges move that stop to the very top hinge. Another hazard in the home are human hazards. We need to be mindful of our older children when we have a newborn come into the home. For example, the older toddler can try to feed the young one. So point being – supervise and think the way a child thinks – she wants to help, she wants to share – you need to make sure that you’re watching everything and making sure that the interaction between the siblings is safe and isn’t hazardous.

See Kimberlee Mitchell's video on Hidden hazards for babies and small children...


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