Frequent waking

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Frequent waking

If your toddler wakes up many times during the night, there are a few things to go over first before you think about any sleep training process. And they are: Is he getting his two year old molars? Is he teething? Has there been anything new going on at school or in the home? Have you gone traveling recently? Has a newbaby brother or sister come along? Has he started a new school? Any of those things can make your toddler wake up in the middle of the night and multiple times. If any of those things have happened, just go with the flow, go in and comfort him and give it a good week or two. And then, see if he is still waking up. If he is still waking up, there probably is another reason and the reason can be various reasons of why they are waking up. But they can be fixed because they are usually developmentally capable of going back to sleep on their own by the time they are a toddler. So and as far as sleep training, there are two ways you can sleep train them. And that is the cry it out method or the gradual retreat process. The cry it out method is where you let them cry for a certain amount of minutes and then you go back in to them. And the gradual retreat process is where you sit on the end of the bed, then you go to a chair, and then you gradually move the chair out of the room that way.

Watch Video: Frequent waking by Kathy Sinclair, ...


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Kathy Sinclair

Sleep Expert

Kathy Sinclair is a committed and dedicated baby sleep expert that has spent 2,856 nights without sleep so that parents of newborns could get theirs. During this time she has studied closely the secrets, nuances, and ins-and-outs of baby sleeping patterns. This study, along with her skill and knowledge, has enabled her to be known as the “Baby Whisperer of Los Angeles” by some of her clients, who know that she can get babies sleeping peacefully and easily within a very short space of time.

Kathy is a graduate of Australia's prestigious Charlton Brown Nanny College, a certified postpartum doula, lactation educator, and a certified Happiest Baby on the Block Educator. As the head of Baby Sleep Solutions, a sleep consultation service, Kathy does online, telephone and in person consulting to families who need to get more sleep quickly and without fuss.

Kathy currently spends her time between Los Angeles and Brisbane Australia, enjoying an endless summer and the best of both worlds.

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