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Some of the best advice I’ve had as a parent is for me to see the world through my child’s eyes, to understand what it’s like to be them. And when I can do that, I can respect my child, I can begin to understand what it’s like to be in their body, to be in their mind, the way that they move through their world. So when we can do that – when we can drop in or imagine what it’s like for our children to experience the world – we begin to really be able to respect them. When we can do that, we’re beginning to cultivate unconditional love. With boundaries, but unconditionally loving them for who they are. There’s no golden rule, I think, for parenting that I know, but there’s some core values – living by those core values – modeling those most important nuggets of truth that we’ve learned from our parents, and our coaches and our teachers and working to be able to share the best of who we are and honestly our faults and our character flows with our children so that they can learn, so that they can grow.


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Michael Gervais, PhD

High Performance Psychologist

Dr. Michael Gervais, a licensed psychologist and industry visionary, is a founding partner of Pinnacle Performance Center. He focuses most of his time on people at the "top of their game," from NBA players, to Olympians, to military personnel. Dr. Gervais has a clear understanding of how performers become and consistently excel at a world-class level. Spending years in the trenches of high-stakes circumstances, Dr. Gervais has developed clarity for the tools that allow people to "thrive under pressure."

Dr. Gervais is a published, peer-reviewed author and a nationally recognized speaker on issues related to high performance for those who excel on the largest stages in the world.

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