Process of working with world-class performers

Michael Gervais, PhD talks about the process of working with an elite athlete
Parenting and Family Advice | The process of training an elite athlete
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Process of working with world-class performers

So when I sit down with an athlete the first thing that we do is we work to understand who that person is that their center. We want to understand what makes them, them and one of the things that we do we talk about what’s in their heart, what’s in their mind and who they understand who they are in the world. And as soon as we have a sense of that and that doesn’t take long for people to really share who they are and what makes them special, what makes them naturally themselves is we want to anchor that with what’s possible. And we spend a lot of time thinking about what is possible in their own life through the craft that their working to develop. And the tension between who I am at my center and where I want to become and where I want to go in a craft that arc is where we develop a plan. And we back in the tools that help them be mindful of their own faults so that they can guide them. Help them to be able to be grounded in this moment when the moment has intensity. And those are particular set of skills that are seem to be relevant for most of the people which is the importance of understanding how to be mindful of our own thoughts, how to generate a sense of calmness, how to generate a sense of confidence in the moment and how to be able to adjust accordingly when things don’t go as planned. One of the necessary ingredients for people to really go for it in life is I’m working to understand do they have the ability to fully commit and that’s a really special quality to be able to fully commit to a pathway because there’s so many things that pull us. There’s things that are pleasurable, things that are temporary that attracts us and pull us away from this really challenging approach to figure out who we are in intense moments and figure out what our potential is in the craft that we’re working to unveil or release. So the necessary, the most necessary ingredient is does that person have the ability to really commit to the arc towards master.

Michael Gervais, PhD talks about the process of working with an elite athlete


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Michael Gervais, PhD

High Performance Psychologist

Dr. Michael Gervais, a licensed psychologist and industry visionary, is a founding partner of Pinnacle Performance Center. He focuses most of his time on people at the "top of their game," from NBA players, to Olympians, to military personnel. Dr. Gervais has a clear understanding of how performers become and consistently excel at a world-class level. Spending years in the trenches of high-stakes circumstances, Dr. Gervais has developed clarity for the tools that allow people to "thrive under pressure."

Dr. Gervais is a published, peer-reviewed author and a nationally recognized speaker on issues related to high performance for those who excel on the largest stages in the world.

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