Adoptive parent challenges

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Adoptive parent challenges

Some of the biggest challenges as an adoptive parent are dealing with some of the more insensitive things that people say about my adopted child. People will ask if he's my real child and they'll ask if I'm his real dad. They'll ask how much he cost. All of these things will make any adopted child feel like they're less of a child than a biological child. And I found that a little friendly education in these circumstances and proper discussion with whoever said it, and they always mean it in the best way possible, but a little friendly education usually goes a long way to help in the adoption etiquette process. I think the world in general has come a long ways when it comes to adoption etiquette. And hopefully it's one less thing that adoptive parents and adopted children will have to worry about in the future.

Watch Dan Pearce's video on Adoptive parent challenges...


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Dan Pearce

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Dan Pearce is the divorced father of four year old Noah, who came to him through adoption. Dan is also the author of The Real Dad Rules and Single Dad Laughing: The Complete Second Year, and his blog, Single Dad Laughing. When he started Single Dad Laughing in the summer of 2010, his then-wife had left his life almost as quickly as she’d come into it, and he was feeling about as valuable as a dollar-store sweater (and unraveling just as quickly). He started the blog because writing has always had the power to heal him in his darkest of moments. His goal is to spread worthwhile ways of looking at things. Before becoming a writer, Dan worked in retail, in the corporate world, and as an animal artist.

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