Avoiding power struggles

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Avoiding power struggles | Kids in the House
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Avoiding power struggles

You know, parenting doesn't always have to be a power struggle. Sometimes it's just a matter of parents knowing when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. Imagine, if you will, a life where somebody else made all the decisions for you, somebody else told you what was right and what was wrong in all cases. Somebody told you what you should be thinking, how you should be acting, what you should be doing, and in general, you don't have a say. Welcome to the life of a kid. Good parents need to realize that their kids need to win sometimes. And if they can step back, look at the bigger picture, and ask themselves every single time, "Does it matter if I let my kid have this? Does it matter if I let my kid get what he wants this time?" And then when the answer is no, they give their kid whatever it is that they want; parents will be able to ditch the power struggle and have more power when they actually need it, and when the decision is much more crucial.

Watch Video: Avoiding power struggles by Dan Pearce, ...


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Dan Pearce

Blogger & Single Dad

Dan Pearce is the divorced father of four year old Noah, who came to him through adoption. Dan is also the author of The Real Dad Rules and Single Dad Laughing: The Complete Second Year, and his blog, Single Dad Laughing. When he started Single Dad Laughing in the summer of 2010, his then-wife had left his life almost as quickly as she’d come into it, and he was feeling about as valuable as a dollar-store sweater (and unraveling just as quickly). He started the blog because writing has always had the power to heal him in his darkest of moments. His goal is to spread worthwhile ways of looking at things. Before becoming a writer, Dan worked in retail, in the corporate world, and as an animal artist.

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