I want to adopt a child

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I want to adopt a child

My wife and I decided to adopt after years of infertility. As fate would have it, neither of us were fertile. We couldn't have children, even with medical help. There were many factors that played into our decision to adopt our child, whether we could supply for our child financially, whether we were set up to take care of a child. The biggest question for me was, would I bond with my child in the way I needed to in the same way a biological child might bond with his child? In the end, all of those things were washed away. We had several friends who had just gone through the adoption process. It was such a beautiful process. The bond that they had with their children was so incredible; there was literally no fear going to adoption, that those things might happen for me.

Learn about: The decision to adopt from Dan Pearce,...


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Dan Pearce

Blogger & Single Dad

Dan Pearce is the divorced father of four year old Noah, who came to him through adoption. Dan is also the author of The Real Dad Rules and Single Dad Laughing: The Complete Second Year, and his blog, Single Dad Laughing. When he started Single Dad Laughing in the summer of 2010, his then-wife had left his life almost as quickly as she’d come into it, and he was feeling about as valuable as a dollar-store sweater (and unraveling just as quickly). He started the blog because writing has always had the power to heal him in his darkest of moments. His goal is to spread worthwhile ways of looking at things. Before becoming a writer, Dan worked in retail, in the corporate world, and as an animal artist.

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