The benefits of fostering a child

A guide on raising foster children with tips of the benefits and challenges by parenting expert Jeanne K. Pritzker
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The benefits of fostering a child

Although there are lot of challenges with bringing a foster child into your home, there are enormous benefits of being a foster family. One of the most important, and I think it's something that everyone around me, including myself, is thinking about these days, is teaching my own children to be proactive with respect to community service and caring about the world and caring about other people and also teaching them that at some level, everyone is the same and everyone needs to be treated the same and with the same amount of respect and bringing a foster child into the home and requiring and expecting the children to treat that child as a sibling and also being able to model as a parent treating all of the children equal is a lesson for those kids, and the other thing is there is no secrets these days, there is a lot of research showing from the neurobiological standpoint, the ability to be altruistic and to do good for others and really be a part of the community and really pitch in feels really good.

A guide on raising foster children with tips of the benefits and challenges by parenting expert Jeanne K. Pritzker


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Jeanne K. Pritzker

Founder, Foster Care Counts

Jeanne K. Pritzker is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Foster Care Counts, a California nonprofit corporation dedicated to improving the lives of current and former foster children.  A successful businesswoman, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jeanne was educated at the University of Michigan (BA 1982, French and Psychology), Northwestern University (MBA 1986, Finance and Accounting) and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Psy.D. expected 2013, Clinical Psychology).Jeanne started her professional career in the finance world, where her experience included commercial lending, investment banking and entertainment finance. She went on to found and run Splurge, Inc., a producer of healthy snack foods, and The Bag Lady Inc., stimulating microfinance in Asia through importing straw bags made by tsunami victims.Her noteworthy academic and professional successes notwithstanding, Jeanne's greatest satisfaction has come from her personal and philanthropic activities. The proud mother of seven children (including one foster child), she is an outspoken advocate, and a matchless contributor and fundraiser, for foster care and social justice causes. Jeanne is a woman on a mission: to improve the foster care system and to help current and former foster children, as well as her own children, to lead happy, successful, and productive lives.

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