Foster care versus adoption

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Foster care versus adoption

Actually there is a quite a big difference between foster care and adoption and the reason is because the goal of foster care in our country today is really to reunify foster children with there biological families and there are tremendous efforts made to make sure that this can happen. So being a foster parent or being a foster family is really about being a safe, secure, and warm place for the child to live and grow while that child waits to be reunified with there family. When the parental rights are terminated and this can happen after several years usually between 1 and 2 years then that child may become available for adoption and this does happen some of the time but reunification is really the main goal and it is very important when people become foster family that they understand that they taken care of this child in hopes that this child can eventually go back to their family.

Watch Video: Foster care versus adoption by Jeanne K. Pritzker, ...


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Jeanne K. Pritzker

Founder, Foster Care Counts

Jeanne K. Pritzker is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Foster Care Counts, a California nonprofit corporation dedicated to improving the lives of current and former foster children.  A successful businesswoman, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jeanne was educated at the University of Michigan (BA 1982, French and Psychology), Northwestern University (MBA 1986, Finance and Accounting) and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Psy.D. expected 2013, Clinical Psychology).Jeanne started her professional career in the finance world, where her experience included commercial lending, investment banking and entertainment finance. She went on to found and run Splurge, Inc., a producer of healthy snack foods, and The Bag Lady Inc., stimulating microfinance in Asia through importing straw bags made by tsunami victims.Her noteworthy academic and professional successes notwithstanding, Jeanne's greatest satisfaction has come from her personal and philanthropic activities. The proud mother of seven children (including one foster child), she is an outspoken advocate, and a matchless contributor and fundraiser, for foster care and social justice causes. Jeanne is a woman on a mission: to improve the foster care system and to help current and former foster children, as well as her own children, to lead happy, successful, and productive lives.

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