Adoption attachment obstacles

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Adoption attachment obstacles

You have to see the world from the perspective of the adopted baby. The baby in utero, the last trimester, has already gotten used to the sound of its mother's voice and the smell of its mother. So it comes into the world and guess what? The mother sort of disappears. So the world, kind of imagine what it must be like to be born into a world that's kind of confusing. And this confusion can cause trauma and often does. So that you've got a more confused baby to work with. And that doesn't mean it's impossible and that you can't create a secure attachment. But you need to understand what the world is like from the perspective of this little baby who got used to one thing and now there's something totally different that it's living with.

Watch Jeanne Segal, PhD's video on Adoption attachment obstacles...


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Jeanne Segal, PhD

Psychologist & Author

Jeanne Segal is a mother and grandmother with an MA degree in psychology and PhD in sociology. She is an author whose books have been translated into 13 languages. Dr. Segal is the developer and content editor of, a nonprofit website that helps people help themselves. Helpguide attracts over 1 million viewers a week and collaborates with the publishing arm of Harvard Medical School. One of the topics covered on the website that is dearest to her heart is infant mental health.

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