Effects of childhood trauma

Learn about: Effects of childhood trauma from Jeanne Segal, PhD,...
Effects of childhood trauma | Kids in the House
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Effects of childhood trauma

You have to understand what trauma means. What trauma means it’s stress sort of gone amok, it’s stress that is just way over the top. So you’re talking about a condition. A traumatized child is a child who has been so scared, felt so overwhelmed and helpless that their nervous system is kind of out of whack is really what we’re talking about; it’s out of balance. And there… when we get that uncomfortable, and when we get that overloaded, our emotions either shut down or just go off the radar all the time. So you’re dealing with a kind of a stuck kind of stress. And again, if you pay attention to your child, you notice, “Boy, something is wrong,” and they are not going to be the same kid that they’ve been, because everything is changed when you can’t look at the world in a calm and focused way. And a traumatized child or adult can’t do that. Their nervous system just doesn’t allow it.
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Learn about: Effects of childhood trauma from Jeanne Segal, PhD,...


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Jeanne Segal, PhD

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Jeanne Segal is a mother and grandmother with an MA degree in psychology and PhD in sociology. She is an author whose books have been translated into 13 languages. Dr. Segal is the developer and content editor of Helpguide.org, a nonprofit website that helps people help themselves. Helpguide attracts over 1 million viewers a week and collaborates with the publishing arm of Harvard Medical School. One of the topics covered on the Helpguide.org website that is dearest to her heart is infant mental health.

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