Hidden causes of childhood trauma

Learn about: Hidden causes of childhood trauma from Jeanne Segal, PhD,...
Hidden causes of childhood trauma | Kids in the House
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Hidden causes of childhood trauma

You know, trauma happens when children feel helpless and hopeless. But it’s from their perspective again. What can… all kinds of things that wouldn’t make an adult feel helpless and hopeless can make a child feel helpless and hopeless. Maybe they see a cat eat a bird. Maybe they… you know, there’s things that happen that children just aren’t sophisticated enough to be able to take in stride and those things can be so stressful to a young child, particularly an infant, that they can become traumatized. And again, if you’re emotionally connected to the child, you will see that they are shutting down emotionally. That they’re either sort of spacing out and not paying attention to the world the way they used to or they’re just kind of over the top hysterical all the time – those would be two kind of red flag behaviors that might make you think, “Oh gee, this kid has somehow… something has really upset this child.” And from them on you can move on to try to figure out what that is.
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Learn about: Hidden causes of childhood trauma from Jeanne Segal, PhD,...


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Jeanne Segal, PhD

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Jeanne Segal is a mother and grandmother with an MA degree in psychology and PhD in sociology. She is an author whose books have been translated into 13 languages. Dr. Segal is the developer and content editor of Helpguide.org, a nonprofit website that helps people help themselves. Helpguide attracts over 1 million viewers a week and collaborates with the publishing arm of Harvard Medical School. One of the topics covered on the Helpguide.org website that is dearest to her heart is infant mental health.

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