How to react to a child's molestation

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How to react to a child's molestation

When I was an eight year old, I was molested by someone I did not know. And honestly, it was the most damaging experience of my life. And back at the time, my parents really did not know how to handle it at all. And there was the thinking, one school of thought was we don´t want to bring it up. We won´t bring it up because that will just upset the child. And so, nobody talked about it ever until I was in my 20s and go into therapy myself. And so I would say that if anything like this is happening in your family, the biggest gift you can give your child is validate the experience for them and validate how devastating this is. And then, get the professional help so that they don´t have to wait 25 years when it has festered and it is really debilitating. And you can begin to process that experience with your child so that you become an ally through the experience rather than creating an isolated situation where the child feels alone and that they have no one they can trust and talk to about this truly awful violation.

View Dani Klein Modisett's video on How to react to a child's molestation...


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