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Meet Amanda Enclade

My name is Amanda Enclade, and I'm currently unschooling my 2 younger sons, 6 and 8. And I started unschooling my older son when he was in the 10th grade. He's now going to collage in New York City. I'm passionate about parenting, progressive education, learning. I love cooking, I love hanging out with my family and I also constantly searching for the next new thing.
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Learn about: Meet Amanda Enclade from Amanda Enclade,...


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Amanda Enclade

Unschooling Mom

Amanda Enclade is passionate about progressive parenting and education. She helped her first son to leave high school in 10th grade to pursue a self-paced, interested-based course of study. He is now in college in NYC. Amanda calls this form of homeschooling “do-it-yourself education,” and continues to pursue this path with her seven and nine year old sons.

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