Unschooling activities and enrichment

Watch Video: Unschooling activities and enrichment by Amanda Enclade, ...
Unschooling activities and enrichment | Kids in the House
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Unschooling activities and enrichment

My typical week as an unschooling family changes all the time. I do like to have a little structure in my life, just because I want to make sure I'm offering my kids a lot of experiences. We take things in three month chunks. We go to three park days a week. My kids take classes at a home school center, classes like for math, they did a restaurant day. Right now, they are taking an entrepreneur class where they are starting their own business, making logos and they will be selling their products. They are taking a class that is a celebration of literacy. It's not about learning phonics or keeping up. Each child is working at their own pace and really enjoying stories and writing them and illustrating them. It's really fun.

Watch Video: Unschooling activities and enrichment by Amanda Enclade, ...


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Amanda Enclade

Unschooling Mom

Amanda Enclade is passionate about progressive parenting and education. She helped her first son to leave high school in 10th grade to pursue a self-paced, interested-based course of study. He is now in college in NYC. Amanda calls this form of homeschooling “do-it-yourself education,” and continues to pursue this path with her seven and nine year old sons.

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