Unschooling benefits for boys

Learn about: Unschooling benefits for boys from Amanda Enclade,...
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Unschooling benefits for boys

The way I think unschooling is benefiting my six and eight year old sons right now, is that, first off, they are closest to their father and I. We've build a foundation of love and trust and we have a family dynamic where we love and enjoy being together as learning partners. Unschooling for them really is a form of attachment parenting. We continue to be really close. Our days are free and we get to play all day. I take them out to play all the time. I think the continuation of play instead of sitting at a desk and focusing on academics is serving them better because boys tend to get introduced to academics too early. That can turn them off, confuse them, or frustrate them based on how things are being taught or because their brains aren't ready. I think as my children become hungrier and hungrier for information and knowledge, they will have that desire intact and they will love learning and become lifelong learners.

Learn about: Unschooling benefits for boys from Amanda Enclade,...


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Amanda Enclade

Unschooling Mom

Amanda Enclade is passionate about progressive parenting and education. She helped her first son to leave high school in 10th grade to pursue a self-paced, interested-based course of study. He is now in college in NYC. Amanda calls this form of homeschooling “do-it-yourself education,” and continues to pursue this path with her seven and nine year old sons.

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