Why some families choose to unschool

Watch Video: Why some families choose to unschool by Amanda Enclade, ...
Why some families choose to unschool | Kids in the House
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Why some families choose to unschool

We came to unschooling when my oldest son, who is 20 now, was in the 8th Grade. He started having anxiety and depression. I didn't really know where it was coming from. I suspected school, but during that time I started searching for answers. I started learning about education, in general. It became a passionate subject for me because my kid's -- At the time, my heart was breaking because he was going through what he was going through. During that time, someone gave me the Teenage Liberation Handbook. The title of it is, "How to quit school and get a real life and education." All of the messages in this book rang true for me. I started talking to him about it, and it took us a couple of years before he was ready to try it. But when he did, even though he had gone to school for those ten years, I feel like those two or three years of not having any pressure and finding himself, really served him. Right now he is in New York studying. He's in his second year of Theater Arts. He took his first theater class at the community college just for fun.

Watch Video: Why some families choose to unschool by Amanda Enclade, ...


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Amanda Enclade

Unschooling Mom

Amanda Enclade is passionate about progressive parenting and education. She helped her first son to leave high school in 10th grade to pursue a self-paced, interested-based course of study. He is now in college in NYC. Amanda calls this form of homeschooling “do-it-yourself education,” and continues to pursue this path with her seven and nine year old sons.

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