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Meet Ana Flores

I'm Ana Flores, the co-founder of Spanglish Baby and Spanglish Baby Playground .Com. These are communities where parents are raising Bilingual and Bi-Cultural children. And we just went to celebrate Bilingualism and celebrate Cultures. I'm also the author of "Bilingual is Better". I am a mom to 1 girl, she's 5 years old, her name is Camilla and my husband whose from Mexico. I was born in the united States, grew up in El Salvador and completely Bilingual, completely Bi-Cultural and trying to do the same for my daughter. On my free time which I don't have a lot of lately, but really what I try to do is just be with my family. When I'm not travelling, when i'm home, when I have the time that is dedicated to her, I am with my daughter and we are always planning fun stuff to do, very girly stuff to do. And the time to myself, I really just try to unwind, read a book that I am not able to do. I just have a stack of books of now, but really just disappearing in a book is one of the best traits I could have right now.
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View Ana L. Flores 's video on Meet Ana Flores...


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Ana L. Flores

Author, Blogger & Entrepreneur

Ana L. Flores is co-founder of SpanglishBaby, the award-winning blog and online community for parents raising bilingual and bicultural kids, as well as co-author of the book, Bilingual is Better: Two Latina Moms on How the Bilingual Parenting Revolution is Changing the Face of America. A bicultural and bilingual Latina born in Houston, Ana was raised in El Salvador and lives with her familia in Los Angeles.

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