Methods for raising a bilingual child

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Methods for raising a bilingual child | Kids in the House
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Methods for raising a bilingual child

There are really two main methods that are proven to work really well to raise a bilingual child. One of them is called one parent, one language. As it sounds as what it says, one parent speaks one language at home and the other parent speaks the other language at home. So let's say the dad speaks English and the mom speaks Spanish. Well the important thing here and the really the path to success one parent one language is that you never deviate from the language that you are responsible for let's say. So if I speak Spanish at home to my daughter I am going to do it all the time, not only at home I will stand that role everywhere I at anywhere I speak to her ill speak to her in Spanish. That also means that I all be the one reading to her in Spanish and my husband will be the one reading to her in English. Right so you just always stay with that that fact. The second method is called minority language at home. That is what I do. My husband and I both speak Spanish at home so ever since she was born even when she was in the womb, my husband would only see me at night and so he would grab a book in Spanish and read to her in Spanish while she was in womb and that’s actually proven to be really successful. As minority language at home you need to speak Spanish the whole time. Not only that but you read in Spanish you make sure you find the TV shows most of them have the sap option and you can just switch it to Spanish. Try to make sure those are the once that you are getting. If you get DVDs pretty much all the kids DVDs is now come with the option in Spanish. Now don't think the kids are going to learn a second language just by listening to video. It has to be watching a video. It has to be supplemental. Its part of what they do so make sure that everything that they are doing, you are trying to immerse them in the language.

See Ana L. Flores 's video on Methods for raising a bilingual child...


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Ana L. Flores

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Ana L. Flores is co-founder of SpanglishBaby, the award-winning blog and online community for parents raising bilingual and bicultural kids, as well as co-author of the book, Bilingual is Better: Two Latina Moms on How the Bilingual Parenting Revolution is Changing the Face of America. A bicultural and bilingual Latina born in Houston, Ana was raised in El Salvador and lives with her familia in Los Angeles.

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