Meet Juli Schneiderman

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Meet Juli Schneiderman

Hi! I’m Juli Schneiderman. I'm a mother of two beautiful boys, Jordan who’s three, and Dailey who just turned eight months. I like to swim and hangout with my girlfriends, my husband, and I love being a mom.
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Learn about: Meet Juli Schneiderman from Juli Schneiderman,...


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Juli Schneiderman

Stay at Home Mom

Juli is the mother of two beautiful sons – Jordan, age four, and Dailey, age one-and-a-half.  In April of 2011, her home was destroyed in a house fire which also took the life of their beloved dog. Due to the stress caused by the fire, she ended up delivering her son Dailey by emergency c-section the same night. She and her husband Josh have recently moved back in to their rebuilt home, and are healing with the help of their sons who constantly keep them laughing.

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