Dealing with family trauma

Watch Video: Dealing with family trauma by Juli Schneiderman, ...
Dealing with family trauma | Kids in the House
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Dealing with family trauma

Trauma is really hard on a family. It’s hard to accept help. My husband and I were able-bodied people, we did everything ourselves and suddenly, we’re put in a position when we need donations for clothes, diapers, every basic essential you could possibly need. But that’s the time that you need to let go and receive the help for the benefit of your children and for you. The actual trauma is like an earthquake and the residual effects are like aftershocks and you can’t push pause – life doesn’t work like that – for you to heal and mourn and move on. Life keeps going and you still have to raise your children and help them heal. And thank goodness children are resilient, because they keep you going and they’re the best medicine. And they are helping me heal every day as I am helping them.

Watch Video: Dealing with family trauma by Juli Schneiderman, ...


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Juli Schneiderman

Stay at Home Mom

Juli is the mother of two beautiful sons – Jordan, age four, and Dailey, age one-and-a-half.  In April of 2011, her home was destroyed in a house fire which also took the life of their beloved dog. Due to the stress caused by the fire, she ended up delivering her son Dailey by emergency c-section the same night. She and her husband Josh have recently moved back in to their rebuilt home, and are healing with the help of their sons who constantly keep them laughing.

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