Explaining a displacement from home

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Explaining a displacement from home

Being displaced from your home is really difficult to explain to a young child. I think the most important thing that you can do for your child is to keep the routine. You have to put them in school on school days, put them in bed when it’s bedtime and naptime – even though their world is disrupted, as long as he gets some stability, that is the most important in keeping everything under control. After our house fire, one of the most important things we told our son was that home wasn’t a dwelling, it was wherever mommy and daddy were. We tried to get some of his favorite things, we replaced some of his favorite toys, we replaced his favorite comfort doll. But the other things were new and that was okay. We explained to him that Handy and Mandy and Bob the Builder were fixing our home. Things that he could understand and relate on his level to give him some understanding of what was going on. But most importantly, to keep him safe in a routine and surrounded with love by the people that were most important to him.

View Juli Schneiderman's video on Explaining a displacement from home...


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Juli Schneiderman

Stay at Home Mom

Juli is the mother of two beautiful sons – Jordan, age four, and Dailey, age one-and-a-half.  In April of 2011, her home was destroyed in a house fire which also took the life of their beloved dog. Due to the stress caused by the fire, she ended up delivering her son Dailey by emergency c-section the same night. She and her husband Josh have recently moved back in to their rebuilt home, and are healing with the help of their sons who constantly keep them laughing.

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