Meet Julie Wright, MFT

Meet Julie Wright, MFT
Meet Julie Wright, MFT | Kids in the House
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Meet Julie Wright, MFT

My name is Julie Wright. I'm a marriage and family therapist. I work in private practice in Culver City, California, and I also am the creator of the content and the curriculum for the Wright Mommy & Me groups at the incredible sanctuary known as the Pump Station, here in Los Angeles. I also do a lot of work with families around sleep-lack of sleep is what it usually is-and I've written a book about sleep. I have a 17 year old son who is gonna go to college next year. He's the love of my life and has also grown into a person whom I really like. When I'm not working or spending time with my family or friends, my two favorite things to do are ballet and yoga. They keep me balanced and they keep me happy.
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Meet Julie Wright, MFT


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Julie Wright, MFT

Psychotherapist & Author

Julie Wright, MFT is a marriage and family therapist with an extensive background in infant mental health and early childhood development.  She trained at Cedars Sinai Early Childhood Center and co-developed a program for parents and babies from 0-3 at LA Child Guidance Clinic. Julie specializes in mindful parenting, sleep issues and attachment theory.  She also works in private practice with infants, children, parents and adults.  Julie lives in Los Angeles with her son and often visits family on the east coast.

Julie has written the book, "The Happy Sleeper," Penguin 2014 with her colleague, Heather Turgeon, MFT. The Happy Sleeper gives the topic of baby sleep a fresh perspective. Their approach moves beyond old school ideas like “sleep training”—it’s grounded in research and shaped by new thinking. The Happy Sleeper gives you a clear, easy-to-follow system for transferring the role of independent sleep to your capable child, as they have done for thousands of families in their clinical practice.

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