Meet Marushka Mujic

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Meet Marushka Mujic

My name is Marushka Mujic. I am a global youth ambassador, teen educator and representative of GoodMakers Street Team, a non-profit organization I founded with my mother which unites arts, athleticism and activism in order to create small local community change that impacts on a global level. I work with youth worldwide asking their thoughts and feelings about the world at large and communicate back to the adults governing our current moment. I am a singer, a musician, an actress and a dancer and revel in all various forms of creative expression.
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Watch Marushka Mujic's video on Meet Marushka Mujic...


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Marushka Mujic

Global Youth Ambassador

Marushka Mujic is a creative artist, activist, social entrepreneur and global youth ambassador. After beginning secondary education at NYU, Marushka returned to her hometown of Los Angeles and founded the GoodMakers Street Team (youth division of parent nonprofit GoodMakers Films), empowering young artists, athletes and activists to facilitate local community initiatives, thereby inspiring global change. With a background in theatre, music and journalism, Marushka leads various creative initiatives worldwide, ranging from documentary films to arts festivals. Her multi-faceted work aims to focus modern media toward facilitation of global, intergenerational communication.

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